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Anssi Lassila giving a lecture at the International Congress of Architects in Budapest on July 2, 2021

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Anssi Lassila is giving a lecture at the International Congress of Architects held in Budapest on July 2, 2021. The theme of the conference is Which Past Leads to Our Future. It seeks to explore how past experiences and traditions could be employed to address current concerns in innovative ways to build on in shaping the future to come. The curators of the conference program also ask how this can be done in dialogue between the architect and the client in a way that fosters mutual respect and understanding as a basis for creating something new and valuable. Anssi Lassila […]

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Tikkurila Church and Housing featured in the June issue of the Finnish Architectural Review

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The Tikkurila Church and Housing is featured in the June 2021 issue of the Finnish Architectural Review dedicated to theme of Sacred Space.  The Tikkurila Church, the Bethania Apartments, and the HOAS student housing form one unity with a diversity of functions serving the residents of Tikkurila, one of the fastest growing and ethnically diverse areas in the metropolitan region of Helsinki. Located in the vicinity of the Helsinki Vantaa airport, Tikkurila is an important center of industry and business in Vantaa. The Tikkurila Church and the adjoining housing are part of the transformation and densification of the downtown area of Tikkurila. The block that […]

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Building permit granted for Hamnbad Stockholm, a floating structure with public space, spas, saunas and pools

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The Stockholm City Planning Office has granted a building permit for Hamnbad Stockholm, a floating structure with public space, spas, saunas and pools to be built in Munkbrohamnen in Riddarfjärden in downtown Stockholm. The architecture of the project is based on the Architectural Global Concept created by OOPEAA for the Allas Sea Pool family developed by the Nordic Urban Ltd.  Hamnbad Stockholm extends the urban public space in the heart of the city by introducing a new structure over the water. Taking the Architectural Global Concept for the Allas Sea Pools as its basis, it combines the experience of contemplation […]

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Anssi Lassila is speaking about saunas at the London Festival of Architecture on June 8, 2021

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The London Festival of Architecture celebrates London as the global hub for architecture. This year, the festival focuses on the theme of ‘care’. Presenting a lively and diverse programme of public events both in various destinations across London as well as online, it runs from 1-30 June, 2021. During the pandemic, public interest in understanding health and physical resilience has exploded. Sauna bathing, outdoor swimming, cold water immersion and breathwork, are examples of activities that have attracted a lot of attention as activities with health improving potential. In an event organized by the British Sauna Society, a panel of four […]

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Anssi Lassila is speaking at THE PLAN Forum Perspectives on Architecture and Interior Design on May 18-19, 2021

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Anssi Lassila is participating in a panel discussion on the Art of Transformation in the Perspective Virtual Forum on Architecture and Interior Design on May 18-19, 2021. The event is organized by THE PLAN. Anssi Lassila, OOPEAA The Art of Transformation  Panel Discussion  Perspective Virtual Forum on Central and Eastern Europe  May 18 at 6 pm CET  online  Exploring design strategies for shaping interactions and redefining spatial boundaries and functional programs, the panel is chaired by Thorsten Helbig, Co-founder of Knippers Helbig. Anssi Lassila, Founder and Director of OOPEAA will be joined in the discussion by Philip Samyn, Founder of Samyn and Partners, and Giuseppe […]

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Villa Koivikko is featured in the April issue of the Finnish Architectural Review

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The restored and renovated Villa Koivikko is featured in the April issue of the Finnish Architectural Review dedicated to theme of Tradition and Renewal.  Villa Koivikko is a landmarked masterpiece of modernism from the 1950s originally designed by Aarne Ervi, one of the key figures in shaping the functionalist movement in Finland. In the project, the modernist villa and the caretaker’s house by Ervi were carefully restored and three new wooden buildings designed by OOPEAA were added to complement the brick buildings from 1958. In its current restored and renovated form, the Villa Koivikko provides a balanced combination of the […]

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Inauguration of the New Tikkurila Church

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The new Tikkurila Church was inaugurated yesterday, on Sunday, January 24, 2021. The Sunday morning inauguration mass was televised in order to make it possible to share it with people. In the evening, the inauguration celebrations continued with a concert with Reino Nordin. In the coming weeks, there will also be guided tours in the church to allow people to get a look of the new church with all the various spaces and services that it provides for the community. Unfortunately, due to the restrictions on access to public spaces prompted by the current situation with the Covid-19 pandemic, it […]

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Welcoming the new year 2021

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After the very unusual year 2020 we are now happy to welcome the new year 2021. Thanks to the wonderful team at OOPEAA and the great partners that we had the pleasure to work with, we managed to carry on well with our work even in the challenging circumstances brought on by the pandemic in 2020, and we now have a lot to look forward to in 2021. The new Tikkurila Church will be inaugurated in January 2021.   The construction of the new Tikkurila Church was completed just at the end of the year and the church will be inaugurated in […]

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Puuhi Community Space Featured in ArchDaily

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The Puuhi Community Space by OOPEAA in Soini welcomes the new year with a beautiful winter landscape covered in fresh white snow. With its fireplace ready to warm up the space to create a cozy atmosphere, it awaits a time when it is possible to gather together again. To kick off the new year 2021, Puuhi is featured in ArchDaily. You can read the full article here. Initiated by the villagers, Puuhi is a space for shared activity for the people of Soini. Designed as an off-grid building with no electricity it has a fireplace that can quickly warm up the […]

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OOPEAA’s Entry ”Kuhan” Wins the Competition for a New Housing Block in Äijälänsalmi, Jyväskylä

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OOPEAA’s entry ”Kuhan” wins the land allocation competition for a new housing block in Äijälänsalmi, Jyväskylä. The design developed by OOPEAA proposes a community-oriented plan for urban living based on wood. Special emphasis is placed on creating a framework for a socially sustainable community by offering a broad range of apartment types to accommodate a variety of needs as well as by providing shared spaces for the residents to use. Responding to the contours of the terrain on the hilly site, the block is composed of buildings with varying heights. The project will be realized for the City of Jyväskylä […]

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