OOPEAA Research

There is an active focus on research and development at OOPEAA. We are interested in exploring the potential of finding optimal solutions that support both the social and ecological aspects of sustainability while simultaneously being economically efficient in along-term perspective.

In our work, we often connect innovative ideas with traditional materials. A feeling for material and an interest in optimizing the use of it, is important to us. A desire to find solutions that take advantage of the natural qualities of the material chosen while also optimizing the process of building and construction has informed our work from the earliest projects on.

In recent years, our interest in developing new solutions that are architecturally and technically sustainable has led to our involvement in research projects with a focus on creating tools to support the design process. Most recently, we have completed a research and development project for a web-based evaluation tool, the JOKOTAI Material Impact Screener. It is a free online tool that allows us to compare the environmental impact of alternative material and structural choices on the ecological sustainability of a building project. It is meant to be used in the early stages of concept design to help guide the design process. There is also an ongoing focus on exploring the potential of modularity and the application of mass timber as a sustainable solution to the needs of urban housing and public buildings.