Inauguration of the New Tikkurila Church

The new Tikkurila Church was inaugurated yesterday, on Sunday, January 24, 2021. The Sunday morning inauguration mass was televised in order to make it possible to share it with people. In the evening, the inauguration celebrations continued with a concert with Reino Nordin.

In the coming weeks, there will also be guided tours in the church to allow people to get a look of the new church with all the various spaces and services that it provides for the community. Unfortunately, due to the restrictions on access to public spaces prompted by the current situation with the Covid-19 pandemic, it is not possible to open the church fully to the public at this time. However, to book a visit to the church, you can register for a tour here.

With a strong character of its own, the New Tikkurila Church is an identifiable landmark in downtown Tikkurila. It provides a place of calm and contemplation for people to withdraw from the busy activities of the daily life. It is also a multifunctional building with spaces designed to be easily adapted and altered according to the changing needs of the community. The skillful handling of the materials and fine treatment of the detailing play a key role in the successful end result in the exceptionally demanding project. We are very happy to see the long process of designing and building the New Tikkurila Church to be brought to a conclusion now.

Centrally located in Tikkurila, the new church takes on a strong presence in the streetscape. The multifunctional building is easily accessible by public transportation as well as by foot and by bicycle. It houses a range of flexibly adaptable spaces to accommodate a variety of uses. Like the pine trees in the Finnish forest, the main church hall reaching up to a height of 14-15 meters. In its maximum capacity, the main church hall seats an audience of 500, and it is possible to divide the space in different ways to allow for multiple simultaneous activities when needed. The building also provides workspace for approximately 140 employees and offers several meeting spaces of various sizes to serve the needs of the community. There is also a café, a children’s corner, and a shop area. In the summer months, the yard of the church will provide a pleasant space for gatherings.

The project for the new church for the Tikkurila community was commissioned by the Finnish and Swedish speaking parishes in Vantaa and realized as an alliance project by OOPEAA together with Lujatalo and the Vantaa Parishes. The fruitful collaboration between all the parties involved with each bringing their own perspective and knowhow to the project shows that with teamwork it is possible to meet even the highest expectations.

You can find more information on the New Tikkurila Church HERE.