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Villa Koivikko Nominated for the Mies Award 2022

posted on February 2nd 2021 in News with 0 Comments

The restoration and renovation project including the addition of three new buildings by OOPEAA to the Villa Koivikko, a landmarked masterpiece of modernism has been nominated for the 2022 edition of the European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture Mies van der Rohe Award. The project for Villa Koivikko addresses the challenge of taking care of the heritage of modern architecture and responds to the quest for new solutions that allow the modernist buildings to meet the contemporary needs. It is an excellent example of how new buildings can successfully be added to the context of a historically and architecturally valuable […]

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Welcoming the new year 2021

posted on January 7th 2021 in News with 0 Comments

After the very unusual year 2020 we are now happy to welcome the new year 2021. Thanks to the wonderful team at OOPEAA and the great partners that we had the pleasure to work with, we managed to carry on well with our work even in the challenging circumstances brought on by the pandemic in 2020, and we now have a lot to look forward to in 2021. The new Tikkurila Church will be inaugurated in January 2021.   The construction of the new Tikkurila Church was completed just at the end of the year and the church will be inaugurated in […]

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Puuhi Community Space Featured in ArchDaily

posted on January 2nd 2021 in News with 0 Comments

The Puuhi Community Space by OOPEAA in Soini welcomes the new year with a beautiful winter landscape covered in fresh white snow. With its fireplace ready to warm up the space to create a cozy atmosphere, it awaits a time when it is possible to gather together again. To kick off the new year 2021, Puuhi is featured in ArchDaily. You can read the full article here. Initiated by the villagers, Puuhi is a space for shared activity for the people of Soini. Designed as an off-grid building with no electricity it has a fireplace that can quickly warm up the […]

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OOPEAA’s Entry ”Kuhan” Wins the Competition for a New Housing Block in Äijälänsalmi, Jyväskylä

posted on November 5th 2020 in News with 0 Comments

OOPEAA’s entry ”Kuhan” wins the land allocation competition for a new housing block in Äijälänsalmi, Jyväskylä. The design developed by OOPEAA proposes a community-oriented plan for urban living based on wood. Special emphasis is placed on creating a framework for a socially sustainable community by offering a broad range of apartment types to accommodate a variety of needs as well as by providing shared spaces for the residents to use. Responding to the contours of the terrain on the hilly site, the block is composed of buildings with varying heights. The project will be realized for the City of Jyväskylä […]

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Anssi Lassila Speaking at the Seminar on Sustainable House 2 in Tampere on October 3, 2020

posted on October 2nd 2020 in News with 0 Comments

Anssi Lassila is giving a talk on the use of timber in architecture as a sustainable solution at the Seminar on Sustainable House 2 in Tampere on October 3, 2020. The event is organized by the Pirkanmaa society for building culture, Pirkanmaan rakennuskulttuuriyhdistys ry and it isa sequel to the seminar on the same theme organized in the spring 2020. The event is free of charge and open to all audiences. However, as space is limited to 50 participants, registration at info@piiru.fiis recommended. Seats will be made available on first-come-first-serve basis. The lectures are held in Finnish and the presentations […]

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Open Lecture by Anssi Lassila on Contemporary Wood Architecture on September 14, 2020

posted on September 8th 2020 in News with 0 Comments

The fall semester 2020 in the Contemporary Architecture Program at the Oulu School of Architecture will be kicked off by an open lecture on contemporary wood architecture by Anssi Lassila. The lecture is presented in the Contemporary Wood Architecture Lecture series organized by the Oulu School of Architecture and it is open to general audiences by registration. It is a required part of the curriculum for students participating in the course on Contemporary Wood Architecture. The lecture is open also for other students and faculty at the university to attend. The lecture will be held in Finnish and it will […]

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Topping out of the New Tikkurila Church on March 4, 2020

posted on March 4th 2020 in News with 0 Comments

We are happy to celebrate the topping out of the New Tikkurila Church today on March 4, 2020. The construction is progressing on schedule and the church is slated to be ready at the end of this year. It is commissioned by the Vantaa Parishes and realized as an alliance project together with the Vantaa Parishes, OOPEAA and Lujatalo. Centrally located in Tikkurila, the new church building will form an identifying landmark for the neighborhood. It will have a strong presence in the streetscape. The multifunctional building is easily accessible by public transportation as well as by foot and by […]

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Puuhi Community Space Featured in ARK Magazine

posted on February 26th 2020 in News with 0 Comments

The Puuhi Community Space by OOPEAA is featured in the ARK Magazine issue 1 / 2020. Puuhi is a space for meetings and shared activity for the people of Soini. It is a place for gatherings and events initiated by the villagers and created to meet the needs of the community. Social and ecological sustainability were key principles guiding the design of Puuhi. The goal was to create a wooden building of high architectural quality using local materials and drawing from local skills and resources. Kyläpääskyt, an association founded by the local community, wanted Anssi Lassila, founder and director of OOPEAA, […]

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Katharina Heidkamp giving a lecture on the Puukuokka Housing at the Holzbau 2020 in Augsburg, Germany on February 21, 2020

posted on February 19th 2020 in News with 0 Comments

Katharina Heidkamp of OOPEAA will give a lecture on the Puukuokka Housing at the Holzbau 2020 Conference in Augsburg, Germany on February 21, 2020. The conference is organized by the Institute for Building and Housing at the University of Applied Sciences, Augsburg.   Katharina Heidkamp, OOPEAA Puukuokka Housing – The Potential of Wood as a Sustainable Building Material February 21, 2020 at 14:45 Holzbau 2020 Conference Holzbau Raummodule: Neue Wege Für Architectur und Handwerk Handwerkskammer für Schwaben Siebentischstraße 52 58 86161 Augsburg   The conference will last all day from 8:30 to 16:00.  All lectures are in German. To register […]

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Japanese Company Obayashi is Joining as Partner in the OOPEAA Initiated Life Cycle Visualizer Project

posted on December 20th 2019 in News with 0 Comments

The Japanese Construction Company Obayashi is joining as an international partner in Life Cycle Visualizer project initiated by OOPEAA. It is a research and development project for creating an early assessment tool for evaluating the impact of material and structural choices on the sustainability of a building. The aim is to provide a tool that can be used in the early stages of concept design in order to help to guide the design process. The collaboration with Obayashi will provide a Japanese perspective to the project. This will complement the European perspective to sustainable building provided by OOPEAA. The partnership […]

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