Lonna Sauna will officially open to the public next week

The Lonna Sauna by Anssi Lassila / OOPEAA will officially open to the public next week.

We are happy to welcome the summer with the opening of the Lonna Sauna to the public. We invite you to enjoy the special bathing experience offered by the wood heated sauna in the Finnish archipelago just in front of the Helsinki Market Square.

The Lonna Sauna will be open daily 14-19 throughout the summer starting on May 16,2017.

The Lonna island is accessible by a waterbus by JT Lines from the Cholera Basin on the Helsinki Market Square (see waterbus schedule HERE).
A press preview will take place on Friday, May 12 at 10 o’clock.

The Lonna Sauna by Anssi Lassila / OOPEAA is a new a public sauna located on the small island of Lonna in the archipelago just in
 front of the city center of Helsinki. It is part of the historical continuum of the tradition of public saunas in Finland. 
On the border between urban and nature, between the busy life of the city and the open landscapes on the sea, with views framing the silhouette of the city on one side and opening towards the see on the other, the Lonna Sauna sits in the context of a group of old historical structures built during the Russian rule in the 19th century.
The compact 190 m2 sauna building is built solely with natural materials. It is made of masterfully handcrafted wooden logs that are left untreated. It has a sculptural pitched roof in zinc plate. Heated with wood-burning stoves the Lonna Sauna recreates the calm and almost sacred feeling of the traditional Finnish sauna, while placing it in a new, contemporary architectural frame. The skillful use of larch in the furnishings and the large windows opening a view from the sauna loft into the archipelago create a soothing and relaxing atmosphere. A terrace directly accessible from the sauna rooms as well as from the outdoor shower space bridges the sauna with the seashore.

Images available upon request at end of the May.

For more information on the Lonna Sauna, visit the OOPEAA news page at oopeaa.com.
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