Tours in Suvela Chapel and Lonna sauna during OpenHouse Helsinki

Lonna Sauna in the Helsinki archipelago and Suvela Chapel in Espoo are open for visitors during the OpenHouse Helsinki events on May 19th and 20th. Welcome!

Suvela Chapel tour
Friday, May 19, 2017, 14:00
Address: Kistintie 24, Espoo
Meeting point: main entrance of the Chapel
The tour will be in English

Lonna Sauna tour
Saturday, May 20, 2017, 12:00
Address: Lonnan saari, Helsinki
Meeting point: at the Lonna dock at 11:30
The island of Lonna can be reached on a waterbus operated by JT-Line. The tour starts at the JT-Line dock (Cholera Basin) at the Market Square at 11:30.
The tour will be in English

OpenHouse Helsinki is an event that opens up doors for visitors to experience places that normally are not available to the public. It organizes guided walks in fascinating interior spaces, interesting parts of the city as well as tours of old and new architectural points of interest.

More information about OpenHouse Helsinki events HERE.

Suvela Chapel
The Suvela Chapel is located in Suvela, Espoo, in one of the most multicultural districts in the metropolitan area of Helsinki. Cultural diversity is both a rich potential and a challenge to the community. Attention to the needs of the culturally diverse community is a core principle in the Suvela Chapel. The goal was to create a multifunctional building that offers opportunities for a rich variety of activities and provides a framework for the residents to come together in a flexibly adaptable space.

The Chapel is a dynamic place of activity that serves the entire community and provides a home base for many different organizations. With the adjoining community park, it plays a key role in helping to improve the social sustainability of the neighborhood. The choice of materials, copper for the exterior and spruce for the interiors, supports the long-term sustainability of the building.

More info about the Suvela Chapel HERE.

Lonna Sauna
The Lonna Sauna is a new a public sauna located on the small island of Lonna in the archipelago just in front of the city center of Helsinki. On the border between urban and nature, between the busy life of the city and the open landscapes on the sea, with views framing the silhouette of city on one side and opening towards the see on the other, the Lonna Sauna brings together the calming and peaceful effect of the sauna ritual and the social aspect of the public sauna as a gathering place for people.

Heated with wood-burning stoves the Lonna Sauna offers an authentic bathing experience characteristic of the traditional Finnish sauna, while placing it in a new, contemporary architectural frame. The compact sauna building is made of masterfully handcrafted wooden logs that are left untreated. It has a sculptural pitched roof in zinc plate. The large windows opening a view from the sauna loft into the archipelago create a soothing and relaxing atmosphere. A terrace directly accessible from the sauna rooms as well as from the outdoor shower space bridges the sauna with the seashore.

More info about Lonna Sauna project HERE.