Anssi Lassila is lecturing in Oslo

Anssi Lassila

A Nordic Perspective on Architecture

Thursday, April 27 at 18:00

Oslo Arkitektforening

Josefine gate 34, Oslo

Anssi Lassila of OOPEAA and Konrad Milton of Jägnefält Milton will be lecturing at the Oslo Architects Association (OAF) in their lecture series on the present and future of the Nordic perspective on architecture. Anssi Lassila will be providing a Finnish perspective on the topic while Konrad Milton will offer a Swedish one. They will each talk about the ways in which the Nordic tradition gets reinterpreted and transformed into a contemporary expression in their architecture. The parallel presentation of the work OOPEAA and Jägnefält Milton provides an exploration into the contemporary practice of architecture in northern Europe, re-interpreting the heritage of the “Scandinavian tradition”. The lectures of the two speakers are followed by Q-A with the public and the architects.

This year the OAF lecture series invites its speakers to reflect on the permanence, interpretation, transformation and evolution of the Scandinavian tradition in today’s architectural practice. On the fringe between rural and urban, the contemporary Nordic architecture is defining a new approach towards architecture and urban planning. Working with both innovative and vernacular materials, it seeks to both understand and challenge the strong minimalistic tradition of Nordic design. In the lecture series, iconic Nordic offices, Scandinavian architects with an office based abroad and young upcoming firms from Northern Europe are invited to present their sense of architecture and belonging through their “Nordic” projects in different contexts and at various scales.

As part of their cultural program for the benefit of their architect members, students, and the general public, the OAF hosts lectures and events on a regular basis. The aim is to maintain a rich discussion on local architecture as well as to broaden the reflection on architecture as a discipline through international examples, both in terms of practice and theory.

Some of the recent speakers in the lecture series organized by the OAF include Shigeru Ban (2016), COBE (2016), Raumlabor (2016), Iñigo de Viar (2015), Grafton Architects (2015), Dominique Perrault (2014), Charles Renfro (2013) and Peter Zumthor (2012).