Anssi Lassila will be lecturing at the VISION: Future of the Built Environment event held at Olympia in London

VISION: Future of the Built Environment

Olympia Central

Hammersmith Road

London, W14 8UX

June 7-8, 2016


VISION focuses on innovative building products, materials and technology and provides ideas for new and inventive ways to achieve better building design. VISION event is a two-day education program and a place where architects, specifiers, clients and suppliers come together to discuss, debate and showcase the latest innovations and developments in architecture, design and the built environment. 

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Tuesday, June 7th 2016, 16:00 – 16:20

Location: Theatre 3

Category: Offsite & Modular Construction

The Puukuokka apartment scheme is the first eight-storey high wooden apartment building in Finland. Anssi Lassila, founder and director of OOPEAA will be outlining the lessons from the project, which trialled a cross-laminated timber (CLT) based system of volumetric modules. In his talk, he will discuss the benefits of a modular structure making use of CLT in multi-storey housing.



Tuesday, June 7th 2016, 16:30 – 16:50

Location: Theatre 3

Category: Offsite & Modular Construction 

Following the lecture, Anssi Lassila will also participate in a panel discussion and Q&A on offsite and modular construction. The discussion will center around the question: Does prefabricated and modular construction really deliver benefits for clients? Or does it only really work for special cases? Matt Stevenson, Managing Director of Carbon Dynamic, Holly Porter, Founding Director of Surface to Air Architects, and Ged Couser,

Architect Director of BDP will also be joining the discussion.