Plan Forum Perspective EU 2016

Venice, Lido

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Society: Creating a More Friendly Built Environment

Anssi Lassila will be lecturing at the Perspective 2016 Forum organized by Plan on Lido in Venice 

In this lecture Anssi Lassila will focus on presenting some of the most recent work of OOPEAA, the Periscope Tower and the Suvela Chapel, both just in the final stages of construction right now. He will look at the work of OOPEAA through the lense of these two projects with a focus on the aspect of the contribution of architecture in creating a more friendly built environment.

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Anssi Lassila has extensive experience in working with wood in architecture. In his approach he emphasizes the potential embedded in exploring new methods and techniques as a means of developing new solutions in building. In his work he puts a particular emphasis on creating architecture in a human scale. The interaction between the building and its surrounding context is of special importance to him.