OOPEAA is designing a new multi-storey wooden apartment building to be built in Joensuu

Construction of the six-storey wooden apartment building in Penttilä, Joensuu is starting today. 

The building is the first multi-storey wooden apartment building in Joensuu. It has been commissioned by the Joensuun Pihapetäjä Housing Cooperative owned by the Karelian Culture Promotion Foundation (KKES) and it provides 40 rental units of affordable housing. The structure of the building is based on prefabricated volumetric modules made of cross-laminated timber (CLT). The choice of wood as a building material reflects the special attention paid to the energy efficiency of the building. The building will feature solar panels as well as a waste-water heat recovery system.

For more information on the project on the Karelian Culture Promotion website in Finnish see here



For more information on the Energy Efficient Wooden Apartment Building development project visit www.joensuunpihapetaja.fi

Karelian Culture Promotion (KKES) is a Finnish Foundation for the purpose of Karelian support and development of spiritual and material, as well as the cultivation of Karelian tradition of nurturing Finland. The Foundation is based in Joensuu and the operating range of North Karelia and South Karelia.