Inauguration of the Kontra Pavilion on August 13

The inauguration of the Kontra Pavilion on the Seinäjoki Central Square is celebrated on August 13, 2022.

The Kontra Pavilion performance stage in the heart of Seinäjoki will be inaugurated this weekend with a full day of programming on Saturday. There will be performances and activities for people of all ages. The program features musical performances as well as a special session with a magician tailored to kids. Jussi Aittoniemi, the Seinäjoki City Architect will deliver the inaugural speech.

  • Location: Seinäjoki Central Square
  • Address: Keskustori 1, Seinäjoki, Finland
  • Free entrance
  • For more information and the full program, see HERE.

We are delighted to see the Kontra performance stage now ready for use. Welcome to join us for the inauguration!

The interior spaces with technical facilities are expected to be finished and ready for use later during the fall.

Kontra Pavilion – An open public space in the heart of the city

The Kontra Pavilion creates a public space for events and gatherings in the heart of the city. It offers a stage for performances and a place to hang out in the center of the city. It allows for open interaction between performers and audiences.

The shape of the pavilion gives it a strong and identifiable character. It forms a key part of the identity of the new Seinäjoki Central Square square. The flow of urban life in the square continues seamlessly in the pavilion. You are on the square, but under the shelter of a roof. You are in an open public space, but in a clearly defined place.

The pavilion firmly takes its place in the public space of the square and gives it a unique identity. Its extended eaves and the impressive, folded lattice structure of the roof, form a large canopy that gives the pavilion a weightless appearance. It provides protection from sun and rain and makes for a great stage for events.

For more information on the Kontra Pavilion, see HERE.