Anssi Lassila lecturing at the SUPERWOOD congress in Stuttgart

On February 4th, 2016 at 10.35  Anssi Lassila will give a lecture at the „SUPERWOOD” congress at Architekturforum DACH+HOLZ INTERNATIONAL 2016 Stuttgart, Germany.

In this talk Anssi Lassila will focus on presenting the Puukuokka Apartment Block as an example of housing in wood on a large scale. He will address the question of scale from several different points of view. Using various projects executed in wood by his office OOPEAA, he will illustrate how the dimension of scale, of small and large, manifests itself in architecture. On the one hand, it is about a journey of exploration and discovery that starts with the big picture and finds its expression on the level of the smallest of details. On the other hand, it may also start with the very tangible qualities of the chosen material and grow from there into a full-blown project. In this way, the process of creating architecture is always about a dialogue between the small and the large, about interaction between different forces at different levels of scale.

For more information about the event see here.