The construction of Puukuokka Two on site has started. 

The Puukuokka apartment complex is getting a new addition. Puukuokka Two will soon be making company to Puukuokka One which was completed in the spring of 2015. 

When completed, the Puukuokka wooden apartment block in the Kuokkala neighborhood in Jyväskylä will be composed of three wooden multi-story buildings. The on site construction of the second part of the trio, Puukuokka Two has now started. The expected date on completion for Puukuokka Two is set for spring 2017.

Like Puukuokka One, Puukuokka Two will be composed of CLT. With a fully wooden load-bearing frame, the seven-story building will make use of the modular system developed when designing Puukuokka One. With slight modifications it will utilize the same principle of using prefabricated volumetric modules produced locally in Hartola just two hours away from the site. Each apartment unit will be composed of two prefabricated volumetric modules that are then plugged in onto the central hallway constructed on site. As in Puukuokka One, each apartment unit will feature its own sauna and a balcony. The sizes of the units will range from one-bedroom apartments to three-bedroom apartments.

The façade materials will follow the concept of Puukuokka One with untreated larch on the side facing the interior courtyard and with dark coated spruce on the side facing the street. 

Puukuokka Two will contain 70 apartment units. The apartments are offered for private ownership using the lease-to-own model piloted in Puukuokka One. It allows the one to purchase the apartment with only 7 % downpayment and then gradually acquire full ownership through rental payments over a period of 20 years, with an option to sell the unit even prior to reaching the full 20 years. The lease-to-own model supports local sustainability through encouraging long term commitment to the building complex while offering within the block a variety of different types of units to correspond to the changing needs of the inhabitants in their life.