Lonna Sauna and Pihapetäjä Housing by OOPEAA nominated for the Wood Award / Puupalkinto 2017

Two projects by OOPEAA, Lonna Sauna and Pihapetäjä Housing have been nominated for the Wood Award / Puupalkinto 2017.

The Wood Award is granted annually as a sign of recognition to a building, interior or structure that represents Finnish wood architecture of the highest quality or in which wood has been applied in a way that advances research and development in construction techniques in a significant way. The prize was given out for the first time in 1994 and it is now awarded for the 20th time. The prize is awarded by the Wood Information Center Finland. The award will be announced on Wood Day / Puupäivä on November 30, 2017 in Helsinki.

You can find all the nominees and vote for your favorite one HERE.

Lonna Sauna

The Lonna Sauna is a new a public sauna located on the small island of Lonna in the archipelago just in front of the city center of Helsinki. It is part of the historical continuum of the tradition of public saunas in Finland. The building was commissioned by the Governing Body of Suomenlinna and it was officially opened to the public in summer 2017.

On the border between urban and nature, between the busy life of the city and the open landscapes on the sea, with views framing the silhouette of the city on one side and opening towards the see on the other, the Lonna Sauna offers people a way to relax and enjoy the nature and the sea. Just a short boat trip away from the city, the Lonna Sauna is part of the unique environment of the island where the man-made meets the natural and enters into dialogue with it. With its wood-burning stove it offers a great bathing experience. It allows the bathers to enjoy the view to the sea while relaxing in the warmth of the sauna.

The compact 190 m2 building is built solely with natural materials with a sculptural pitched roof in zinc plate and a masterfully handcrafted wooden log structure, which is left visible and untreated. Furnished with wood-burning stoves it recreates the calm and almost sacred feeling of the traditional Finnish sauna, while placing it in a new, contemporary architectural frame. The skillful use of larch in the furnishings and the large windows opening on to the archipelago create strong contemporary interiors. The terrace is directly accessible from the sauna rooms and from the outdoor shower space bridging the sauna with the seashore.

More information on the Lonna Sauna HERE.

Pihapetäjä Housing

Completed in summer 2017, Pihapetäjä is the first wooden multi-story apartment building in Joensuu. It was commissioned by the Foundation for the Promotion of Karelian Culture as a response to their desire to build affordable rental housing of high quality in an ecologically responsible manner. The first tenants were welcomed to make their home in the building this summer and it has been well received by the residents. Pihapetäjä is the first of three multi-story wooden apartment buildings to be built in the block over time.

The design is based on the modular principle that was first developed for the Puukuokka Housing Block in Jyväskylä. Here, it was modified to meet the specific requirements of the Pihapetäjä site and its apartment composition.

Ecological Sustainability and Quality of Life

The site at the edge of a pine forest provided a well-suited and attractive context for an apartment building to be built out of wood. The goal for the Pihapetäjä project was to build an apartment building of a human scale in Joensuu. Ecological sustainability and energy efficiency were central defining principles in the project. Pihapetäjä has a carbon footprint that is 40 % smaller during its life cycle than that of a regular apartment building. Solar panels produce energy for the general power grid and for the needs of the building itself. Thanks to the characteristic features of wood as a material, Pihapetäjä offers a great quality of life in a building that it feels good to breathe in.

Research and Development for the Use of Wood in Building

With several pilot projects in the city, Joensuu is today recognized as a pioneer in research and development in exploring the new potential of wood as a material for building and construction. As a readily available material locally, wood presents an important and viable alternative for the development of sustainable construction in the region. The Pihapetäjä building is part of a larger research and development project in the use of wood for building and construction today.

More information on Pihapetäjä Housing HERE.