Anssi Lassila lecturing at the Fay Jones School of Architecture on September 11, 2017

Anssi Lassila will present a lecture at the Fay Jones School of Architecture in Fayetteville, Arkansas as part of the Fay Jones School of Architecture and Design lecture series.

Anssi Lassila
Scale, Light and Material
Monday, September 11, at 4:30 pm
Ken and Linda Sue Shollmier Hall
Room 250 of Vol Walker Hall
University of Arkansas campus
Fayetteville, Arkansas

In his lecture, titled “Scale, Light and Material,” Lassila will present several works by his office, from his first project, the Kärsämäki Shingle Church, to some of the most recent ones, as a way of demonstrating how the aspects of scale, material and light serve as key elements of architecture in his work.

The lecture is the Miller Boskus Lack Architects Lecture in Wood Design and Construction and the 2017 Dean’s Lecture in Nordic Architecture, in promotion of the Fulbright U.S. Scholar Program.

Drawing from his extensive experience in working with wood in architecture, Anssi Lassila discusses the material qualities of wood and the ways in which they find expression in defining the structural framework of a building. Special attention is given to exploring the potential of wood as a sustainable solution in architecture and construction.
New techniques and new ways of handling wood as a material for building open up new possibilities in flexibly customized standardization today, for example through the use of a modular system of prefabricated volumetric elements of cross-laminated timber in creating multi-story wooden apartment buildings. However, the lessons that can be learned from the age-old tradition of working with wood continue to offer us a valuable source of information and inspiration in exploring new solutions. In his lecture, Anssi Lassila will also reflect on how the Nordic values and sensibilities get expressed in his architecture.

The Fay Jones School of Architecture is pursuing continuing education credits for the lecture through the American Institute of Architects.

The public is invited to attend. Admission is free, with limited seating.

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