Anssi Lassila is lecturing at the Architecture and Cities in Transition seminar in Tampere

Anssi Lassila / OOPEAA

The Potential of the Borderline

September 2, 2016

Lecture at 16.00

Panel discussion at 17.30

Itäinenkatu 4

The Plevna Movie Theater

Theater 2


In this talk Anssi Lassila will share his thoughts about the idea of the potential of the borderline. Hewill explore this idea through three projects of very different scales, one situated in a rural context of an open landscape, one serving to provide us a view over the landscape in a suburban context, and one offering the people of a multicultural community a common ground and a shared space for coming together.

Architecture and Cities in Transition seminar (ACT) is the traditional main event of the Tampere Architecture Week. The theme for Tampere Design-and Architecture Week is “borders”. The theme is explored as spatial, visual and functional borders in architecture and urban design as well as borders in culture, science and government. The speakers of the seminar are Nikos Salingaros (University of Texas at San Antonio), Søren Nielsen (Vandkunsten), Sheila Sri Prakash (Shilpa Architects), Mari Vaattovaara (University of Helsinki), Anssi Lassila (OOPEAA) and  Marco Casagrande (Casagrande Laboratory).


Full program for the Architecture and Cities in Transition seminar can be found here