Build beyond by Knauf / Paris

Today at 18.00 in Centre Pompidou – Paris Anssi Lassila will be part of the event “Les Conversations – Build Beyond”, within the research program “Build Beyond by Knauf”.

The event will gather the Finnish architect Anssi Lassila and the Polish artist Tatiana Wolska to discuss about their approach in using wood as material for creation in architecture and art respectively. Emphasizing commonalities and differences of their visions, Tatiana and Anssi will debate around a simple yet multi-faceted question: “Is it possible that a correspondence in form induces a relationship in ideas?”.

The conversation is organized by the French magazine AMC and We want art everywhere, with the support of Knauf, one of the European leaders in building materials, within the frame “Build Beyond by Knauf”. This is a new platform for sharing innovative approaches and ideas about arts, architecture and “making”. The conversations will gather one artist and one architect to discuss about their journeys in making and innovating through different ways of transforming materials and space.

The Build Beyond Conversations, one of the activities organized in Build Beyond, will be published monthly on the magazine AMC and on the website

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