Anssi Lassila Appointed to the National Arts Council

Anssi Lassila

Anssi Lassila has been appointed to the National Arts Council of Finland. He will be Chairman of the Committee for Architecture and Design of the National Arts Council in 2023-2024.

The Arts Promotion Centre Finland, Taike, funds artistic activities and supports the impact of art in society. It comprises 23 expert bodies that decide on the awarding of grants and prizes, as well as provide expert opinions. Taike’s expert bodies include the Central Arts Council, national arts councils, regional arts councils, boards and expert panels.

The members of the Central Arts Council and the separate boards are appointed by the Ministry of Education and Culture. The Central Arts Council, in turn, appoints the members of the national and regional art councils based on the recommendations of recognized experts in the fields of the arts and culture.

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New Art Committees Appointed for the 2023–2024 Term

The Arts Council has appointed the state and regional art commissions for the years 2023–2024. They work in connection with the Center for the Promotion of the Arts. There are 20 committees with a total of 171 members. The task of the committees is to decide on grants and awards for artists. The members of the committees are artists and art experts. The work is based on the principle of peer review.

This time, seven state art committees were named: architecture and design committee, audiovisual arts committee, performing arts committee, literature committee, multi-arts committee, music committee and visual arts committee. The committees have 10–12 members who represent different sub-disciplines and expertise in the arts.

Hand carved wooden log wall

The National Arts Council

The national arts councils make decisions regarding the awarding of grants, including the state artist grants as well as other grants and awards for artists, artist groups and organisations. The national arts councils also provide expert opinions and advice. The National Council for Architecture and Design is responsible for making decisions regarding grants, subsidies and prizes within the field of architecture.

National Council for Architecture and Design 2023–24

Chairperson Anssi Lassila, Seinäjoki

Other members

  • Henri Halla-Aho, Lahti
  • Marjut Kauppinen, Helsinki
  • Wiebke Pandikow, Helsinki
  • Tero Pennanen, Espoo
  • Tuula Pöyhönen, Helsinki
  • Panu Savolainen, Turku
  • Raija Siikamäki, Helsinki
  • Pekka Toivonen, Helsinki
  • Samuel Valkeapää, Utsjoki
  • Satu Wäre-Åkerblom, Helsinki

For the announcement of the appointments for the 2023 – 2024 term, see HERE (in Finnish).

For more information on the National Arts Council, see HERE.