AIT Dialogue – Impulses of a Future-Oriented Generation of Architects

Puukuokka Housing

Anssi Lassila is giving a lecture at the BAU 2023 conference in Munich on April 20, 2023 in a lecture series organized by the AIT Magazine / AIT Dialogue.

Under the title “FORWARD: Impulses of a Future-Oriented Generation of Architects” the event focuses on the approach and working methods of future-oriented architectural offices. Presenting an international group of practitioners from Asia, Africa, South America, and Europe, the lecture series addresses topical concerns in society today. It is part of an extensive supporting program offered in conjunction with the BAU 2023 fair that takes place in Munich on April 17 – 22, 2023. The key themes of the lecture series are the challenge of climate change, digital transformation, the future of living, and resources and recycling.  

Temple of Bathing

Change Happens in the Margins

Through shaping places and spaces, architecture creates frameworks of life for people and communities. Looking at the process of making architecture for projects of different scales, Anssi Lassila will address the question of the potential for creating change through architecture.

  • Change Happens in the Margins – It Is All About Scale
  • Anssi Lassila
  • 2 pm on April 20, 2023
  • Forum C2 / AIT Dialogue
  • BAU 2023
  • Trade Fair Center Messe München
Käenpoika Guest House complements the Rauhalinna Castle

Drawing from the experience of projects by the office, he will discuss the themes of building for the community, working with the natural qualities of a material to create solutions that can last a long time, making use of the old to create something new, and how we can explore new ways of doing things in order to respond to our everyday needs in society.  

Making the roof for the Kärsämäki Church

The Kärsämäki Church provides an example of building on the knowledge from the past to create something new. The Puukuokka Housing Block is highlighted as an example of the potential of the new wood materials in creating prefabricated modular solutions for multi-story apartment buildings.

Tikkurila Church and Housing

The Tikkurila Church and Housing provides an example of a multifunctional building designed to serve the many needs of a community. The project of restoring the Rauhalinna Castle and complementing it with a new guest house and two sauna buildings is an example of creating a dialogue between the old and the new. The Temple of Bathing, in turn offers an example of how the poetics of architecture can elevate the everyday.

For more information about the AIT Dialogue lecture series, see HERE.