The OOPEAA team is composed of half women and half men, and about one third of the members of the office come from abroad, both from Europe as well as from Japan. The working languages in the office are Finnish and English and the orientation of the office very international, including several international collaboration partnerships and projects under work outside of Finland. The majority of the team members are young, with a few more experienced members complementing the team. The core team at the office is supplemented with a number of interns of both Finnish and international backgrounds. The highly interactive way of working in teams supports a process of continuous learning from each other between the young and the more experienced.

With several overlapping projects at different stages of development at any time, there is always a good balance of work for the team. With the teamwork-oriented way of working, it is always possible to create new teams and to invite additional members to join the office according to the needs of the particular project at hand. Thanks to the strong local and international networks of the office and the team-oriented way of working, OOPEAA has the capability of flexibly expanding and supplementing its teams with new members whenever the workload of new projects calls for it. The office has two locations in Finland, one in Helsinki, the capital of Finland, and the other in Seinäjoki a regional center in the middle part of Finland.


Anssi Lassila

Anssi Lassila (b. Soini Finland, 1973) is the founder and director of OOPEAA Office for Peripheral Architecture. His international breakthrough was the Kärsämäki Shingle Church in 2004. Lassila’s architecture displays his interest in combining a sculptural form with traditional materials and innovative techniques. For him, peripheral sensitivity is a vital part of the creative process. His work is characterized by a strong interest in the way materials behave and experimentation with innovative solutions. It is about venturing into borderlands and identifying new possibilities where tradition meets the new.

Anssi Lassila has a keen interest in exploring the potential of using the new wood products as a sustainable solution to urban housing and in developing new systems of flexibly customizable modularity. His personal experience in working with wood as an architect covers a broad range from applying the traditional method of building with hand carved logs, as in the Kärsämäki Church and in the Lonna Sauna, to the use of CLT, as in the Puukuokka Block, the Pihapetäjä Housing and in the Global Concept for the Allas Sea Pool family.

Anssi Lassila is a sought after speaker at international symposia on architecture and he participates actively in the international forums focused on matters of architecture, sustainability and the development of the use of timber in building and construction. The work of OOPEAA and of Anssi Lassila personally has been recognized with some of the highest merits achievable, including the Finlandia Prize for Architecture and the Wood Architecture Award in 2015, the Alfred Kordelin Prize and the State Prize for Architecture in 2017, the Rice Design Alliance Spotlight Award in 2017, and the Canadian Wood Design and Building Award 2016, and the American Architecture Prize 2016 in two categories. The work of the office has also been selected for the shortlist for the Mies van der Rohe European Prize for Architecture in 2005, 2011 and 2017, and nominated for the 2019 edition of the prize.