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Keski-Pasila School, View from the South

Kolmikko – A New School for Keski-Pasila

Kolmikko, ‘the Three Brothers’, a proposal for a new school for Keski-Pasila was developed as a competition proposal for an invited competition for the new school and daycare center for the new Keski-Pasila neighborhood in Helsinki. The goal was to […]

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Taika kindergarten

The Taika Kindergarten building is carefully designed with the needs and the scale of children in mind in order to provide them an experiential and friendly space. Taika opened its doors to serve Seinäjoki families in January 2018, and it […]

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Ulkometsä Daycare Center

The new Ulkometsä daycare center in Rytimäki, Kokkola is an experiential and friendly space specifically designed with the needs of children in mind. With its pitched roof the building forms an identifying landmark in the newly built area. However, it also sensitively respects the scale of […]

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