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Anssi Lassila to give a lecture at the CLT Forum Japan in Tokyo on December 12, 2018

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Anssi Lassila has been invited to give a lecture at the CLT Forum Japan 2018 in Tokyo. The Forum is an annual event organized by the Japan CLT Association, JCLTA, and this year it will be held for the 6th time.  The goal of the Forum is to increase knowledge about the use of CLT in architecture and construction in Europe and in Japan amongst professionals in the fields of architecture, design, construction and research. In his lecture titled “Better Life” Anssi Lassila will be sharing his experience in using wood in architecture with the goal of creating a framework for […]

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OOPEAA is embarking on a research and development project to create a Life Cycle Visualizer

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OOPEAA has just received a grant from the Ministry of Environment, Finland for a research and development project to create a Life Cycle Visualizer. The grant is part of the Growth and Development from Wood Program by the Ministry of Environment, Finland. OOPEAA’s Life Cycle Visualizer is one of the eleven projects to be supported by the grant. The Life Cycle Visualizer will provide an early assessment tool for evaluating the impact of material choices on the sustainability of a building. The tool makes it possible for designers, clients and all parties involved in the early decision making process of a […]

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Taika Kindergarten in Seinäjoki has been well received by the children and the staff alike

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The Taika Kindergarten opened its doors to serve Seinäjoki families in January 2018. Like a barn from the outside, Taika is colorful and full of light, and loved by the staff and the children alike. The Taika kindergarten is now in the middle of its first fall season. It was completed just at the end of last year and it welcomed its first pupils in the very first days of January this year. The new kindergarten has been extremely well received by the children, their families and the teachers and educators alike. After having experienced the winter with a lot of […]

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The Puukuokka Block with a trio of wood-framed apartment buildings is now complete

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With Puukuokka Three having gotten ready to welcome its new residents in August this year, the energy-efficient and ecological trio of multi-story wooden apartment buildings forming the Puukuokka Block in the Kuokkala suburb in Jyväskylä is now complete. The Puukuokka housing has been extremely well received by the residents who praise it for creating a comfortable living environment with an excellent framework for a friendly and socially stable neighborhood. Completed in the spring of 2015, Puukuokka One was the first eight-story high wooden apartment building in Finland. Puukuokka Two was completed in 2017 and Puukuokka Three in August 2018. In its entirety […]

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OOPEAA wins design and build competition for Puu-Kivistö in Vantaa with a joint proposal with Lundén

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“Kolmen kerroksen väkeä”, Upstairs – Downstairs, Living Together on Three Levels, the proposal by OOPEAA and Lundén Architecture Company wins the design and build competition for an apartment block in the new district of wooden housing in Kivistö, Vantaa in the Helsinki metropolitan area. The proposal is to be realized in collaboration with Reponen Oy as the contractor and Taaleri Vuokrakoti Ky as the developer with the design phaze to start immediately now in September 2018. The competition for new wooden housing in Kivistö was organized by the City of Vantaa. The decision to create a new wooden housing district […]

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OOPEAA wins invited competition for a new global concept for an all-year-round floating sea pool for the Allas Sea Pool Family

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The Allas Sea Pool is a floating sea pool that is operational all year round. It offers an opportunity to enjoy outdoor bathing even in the Nordic winter weather. After the opening of the first Allas Sea Pool in the very heart of Helsinki in May 2016 as a pilot case, the Sea Pool Family is now expanding both nationally in Finlandand internationally around the world. The goal is to offer an experience of the Nordic values of good life by activating people’s relationship to the waterfront and by providing a comfortable and inviting atmosphere. In order to create a […]

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Kontra by OOPEAA wins invited competition for a multifunctional pavilion for the new Seinäjoki Central Square

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Seinäjoki is one of the fastest growing cities in Finland. Currently the city has about 62 000 inhabitants, the urban area about 150 000, and the region about 200 000 inhabitants. A new Central Square will create a focal point of the public space of the growing city gathering a market place, a play area and a multifunctional pavilion with a café and a stage for performances in a central place in the city. The City of Seinäjoki organized an invited competition for the design of the multifunctional pavilion earlier this spring. Three architecture offices were invited to participate: Avanto […]

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Anssi Lassila to lecture in Stockholm on Thursday, April 12, 2018

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Anssi Lassila has been invited by the Association of Architects in Stockholm to give a lecture at the Kungliga Akademien for de fria konsterna. In his lecture Anssi Lassila will talk about the potential of wood in architecture through a presentation of his work. The lecture will display a range of the work the OOPEAA office from the Kärsämäki Shingle Church in 2004 to the Suvela Chapel in 2016 and more, with an emphasis on the innovative works on contemporary wooden architecture that the office stands for.   OOPEAA – NEW WOOD Thursday, April 12 at 17:30 PM – 19:30 […]

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Risuviita offers a combination of social housing and special housing for people with autism spectrum

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Risuviita offers a combination of social housing and special housing for people with autism spectrum Risuviita in the Kasperi neighborhood in Seinäjoki offers a combination of social housing and special housing for people with autism spectrum. Completed in the fall of 2017, it has been warmly welcomed by its new residents who have made it their home and settled in over the past few months. The new residential block for Autism Spectre in Kasperi is located at the intersection of two park axis. The new building takes its place in dialogue with the surrounding parkland and views in with the […]

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Anssi Lassila is speaking today at the Nordic Architecture Fair in Gothenburg

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Anssi Lassila Finnish Wood: Past and Future Wednesday, November 8, 2017 10:00 – 10:45 Nordic Architecture Fair Scene G 1 Svenska Mässan, Mässans gata, Gothenburg – In the Nordic region wood has been used as a building material for tens of thousands of years. Anssi Lassila recounts what he has learnt from traditional construction methods and how this has helped him create innovative solutions for the future. The lecture will be followed by a panel discussion under the theme of Country Life on Scene G3. Anders Nyquist – architect, founder and principal Eco Cycle Design, Njurunda, Anssi Lassila – architect, […]

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