Puukuokka highlighted at the Venice Biennale 2016

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Puukuokka by OOPEAA has been chosen as one of the nine highlighted projects to represent Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish architecture at the Venice Biennale in 2016.

David Basulto, curator of In Therapy: Nordic Countries Face to Face – the exhibition at the Nordic Pavilion at the Venice Biennale in 2016 — has announced that 500 submissions were received following an Open Call. Of these, 300 projects have been selected to form a contemporary survey of Nordic architecture and will form the central body of the show. Nine have been chosen as uniquely representative of the contemporary Nordic scene and will be presented in depth.

In Therapy will use the structure of Abraham Maslow’s 1954 ‘Hierarchy of Needs’ as an analytical lens and an observational springboard from which to explore and investigate architectural projects that have been instrumental in constructing contemporary Nordic society. The exhibition is composed around three categories, each consisting of three projects: Foundational, Belonging and Recognition. According to Basulto: “The exhibition will uncover the fascinating disjunction between the typical world view of the Nordic countries as highly developed, socially progressive nations, and seek to reveal the enormous challenges which they face, with architecture—as a spatial, social, and cultural practice—at its epicentre.”

2016 La Biennale di Venezia is curated by Chilean architect Alejandro Aravena. The theme of the Biennale is “Reporting from the Front”. The Biennale is open to the public 28.5.– 27.11.2016.

Find more info on the exhibition here

Find more info on Puukuokka here



Puukuokka is a finalist in the ArchDaily Building of the Year Award 2016

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Puukuokka archdaily_1

We are excited to announce  that Puukuokka Housing Block is one of the five finalists in housing category for the ArchDaily Building of the Year Award 2016!

Puukuokka was selected from over 3 000 projects. Over 18,000 architects and enthusiasts participated in the nomination process, choosing projects that exemplify what it means to push architecture forward and capture architecture’s capacity to spark positive change in the environment. These finalists are the buildings that have most inspired ArchDaily readers.

You can find more info and vote for Puukuokka here. You can vote until February 8th, 2016 at 11:59PM EST. Go vote for Puukuokka now!


Anssi Lassila lecturing at the SUPERWOOD congress in Stuttgart

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On February 4th, 2016 at 10.35  Anssi Lassila will give a lecture at the „SUPERWOOD” congress at Architekturforum DACH+HOLZ INTERNATIONAL 2016 Stuttgart, Germany.

In this talk Anssi Lassila will focus on presenting the Puukuokka Apartment Block as an example of housing in wood on a large scale. He will address the question of scale from several different points of view. Using various projects executed in wood by his office OOPEAA, he will illustrate how the dimension of scale, of small and large, manifests itself in architecture. On the one hand, it is about a journey of exploration and discovery that starts with the big picture and finds its expression on the level of the smallest of details. On the other hand, it may also start with the very tangible qualities of the chosen material and grow from there into a full-blown project. In this way, the process of creating architecture is always about a dialogue between the small and the large, about interaction between different forces at different levels of scale.

For more information about the event see here.


The Puukuokka Housing Block Is Awared with an Honor Award in the Canadian Wood Awards

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The Awards Showcase Leadership in Architecture and Design

The Wood Design & Building magazine, in partnership with the Canadian Wood Council, has announced the award recipients for the 2015/16 Wood Design Awards program. Winning recipients were selected from over 140 entries by an esteemed architectural jury consisting of:

         Dean Maltz, Managing Partner at Shigeru Ban Architects

         Stéphan Langevin, Partner at STGM Architect

         David Keltner, Principal at Hacker

Projects submitted to this year’s awards program reaffirm the versatility of wood within construction by presenting projects that push the boundaries of applications for wood products. Both the International and North American projects displayed a well-articulated understanding of old and new techniques for wood in architecture.

“The Wood Design Awards program is an opportunity for design teams to showcase their exceptional wood buildings and construction techniques, and to highlight examples of applications for wood/wood products that can be applied to different projects and under varying conditions.” notes Etienne Lalonde, Vice-President of Market Development for the Canadian Wood Council.

Awards were given in three categories: Honor, Merit and Citation. In addition, special awards were granted by the Canadian Wood Council as well as this year’s sponsors, Sustainable Forestry Initiative and Western Red Cedar.

For a full list of the award recipients and the press release by the Wood Design & Building Magazine, click here.

 Link to the Press Release: http://cwc.ca/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/Wood-Design-Building-Awards-2015.pdf

To view the video of winning projects please visit: https://youtu.be/mvc8-Fzz1nU

The Puukuokka Housing Block

Completed in November 2014, Puukuokka is the first eight-story high wooden apartment building in Finland. It explores the potential of modular prefabricated CLT construction to meet the goal of providing high quality, environmentally responsible and affordable housing. Commissioned and built by Lakea, it is an energy-efficient and ecological trio of multi-story wood-framed apartment buildings in the Jyväskylä suburb of Kuokkala.

The entire load bearing structure and frame is made of massive wood and composed of prefabricated volumetric CLT modules. Also the facade elements that are prepared separately and brought to site ready for assembly are entirely of wood. Spruce has been used in the facades facing the street, and untreated larch had been used in the interior courtyard side. The spruce has been treated with a coat of dark paint and the latch in the interior courtyard will turn silvery grey over time. The town plan created in collaboration with the City of Jyväskylä has been tailored to meet the needs of the building complex. Puukuokka pilots an innovative lease-to-own financing strategy that aims to support social sustainability by promoting stable communities.

In Puukuokka, the goal was to find a solution that makes the best possible use of the technical and aesthetic qualities of CLT and to create a wooden building in large scale with a distinct architectonic expression of its own. The goal was to create a building that combines the sense of privacy of a single-family dwelling with the semi-public character of the shared spaces of an apartment building. The vision is to provide the residents with a functional space rich in experiential qualities.

Puukuokka served as a pilot case to develop and test a CLT based system of volumetric modules. Working with CLT enabled several important aspects in the project: The use of CLT made it possible to create a spacious hallway and atrium space with a lot of light realized in an energy efficient manner as a semi-warm space. Thanks to the insulating qualities of massive wood, the use of CLT allows for controlling the temperature of the individual apartments independently from that of the hallway space. In addition, the use of prefabricated volumetric CLT modules made it possible to integrate the piping for heat, water, electricity and ventilation in the wall structure in the hallway allowing for an efficient organization of the plan and making it possible to maximize the space allotted for each apartment. 

The prefabricated modules are made of spruce. Each apartment is composed of two modules, one housing the living room, the balcony and the bedroom, the other housing the bathroom, the kitchen and the foyer area. The use of prefabricated modules made it possible to cut the construction time on site down to six months and to reduce the exposure to weather conditions. That made it possible to achieve a higher quality in the end result. Working with CLT also made it possible to create a building with a primary load bearing structure and frame fully made of wood. The CLT modules are prefabricated in a local factory in Hartola less than two hours away from the site of Puukuokka. 


Anssi Lassila lecturing at Boston Architectural College

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On January 12, 2016 at 6 pm Anssi Lassila will give a lecture at the Boston Architectural College, Cascieri Hall.

The title of the lecture is “Of Things  Small and Large”. In this talk Anssi Lassila will address the question of scale from several different points of view. Using various projects executed in wood by OOPEAA, he will illustrate how the dimension of scale, of small and large, manifests itself in architecture.

The event is part of Spring 2016 Student Lecture Series in BAC. Lecture is free and open to the public. For more information about the event and the lecture series, see here


Anssi Lassila lecturing in Trondheim today

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Today, 7th of January, Anssi Lassila will hold a lecture about Puukuokka in Trondheim, Norway. The lecture is part of a course organized by Tekna.
Find more info and full program here



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The Puukuokka Housing Block designed by Anssi Lassila / OOPEAA has been selected winner of the Wood Prize  2015.

The Wood Prize is awarded annually as a sign of recognition to a building, interior or structure that represents Finnish wood architecture of the highest quality or in which wood has been applied in a way that advances research and development in construction techniques in a significant way. The prize was given out for the first time in 1994 and it is now awarded for the 18th time. The prize is awarded by the Wood Information Center Finland. 

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Anssi Lassila lecturing at Puupäivä

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Anssi Lassila is giving a lecture tomorrow on 26th of November at Helsinki. The event is part of Puupäivä (Wood Day) organized by Puuinfo Oy / the Wood Information Center Finland.

Puupäivä brings together hundreds of industry, commerce and local government and construction industry decision-makers. The program includes a number of high-level seminars about wooden architecture, building technology, research, wood industry and trade. For more information and the program, see here. The event is held at Wanha Satama in Helsinki.



OOPEAA Helsinki moves!

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The OOPEAA Helsinki office has moved to Töölö. The new office is located along the lively Hesperia esplanade just a few blocks away from the central Railway Station and right next to the Töölönlahti Bay park in the very center of Helsinki.

We share the space with Lunden Architects, a young architecture office focused on contemporary challenges of housing, cities and their development + innovations of building technology.

The space is located on the ground floor with access directly from the street. Its large storefront windows open up to the street allowing lots of light into the space and creating a dynamic atmosphere of interactivity.

Our new address in Helsinki is

OOPEAA, Eteläinen Hesperiankatu 8, FI-00100 Helsinki


Anssi Lassila, OOPEAA receives the Resident Act of the Year award for Puukuokka

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November 14, 2015

Anssi Lassila, OOPEAA receives the Resident Act of the Year 2015 (Vuoden Asukastoimija) award in recognition for his work on extending the scale of the design for wooden housing onto the level of multistory apartment buildings with the design for the Puukuokka apartment block in Kuokkala, Jyväskylä. 

The Puukuokka project is acknowledged for providing a forward looking solution that helps to create a less stressful living environment while also promoting local work opportunities in Finland and contributing to raising the quality grade of biomaterials. The apartment building is recognized for its special acoustic qualities and good sound isolation, for the good indoor air quality, and for the low energy consumption in heating made possible thanks to the insulating qualities of wood that allows for individualized temperature control of each apartment unit as well as for keeping the hallway spaces semi-warm. 

Puukuokka was commissioned and built by Lakea Oy. JVR-rakenne served as the main contractor and the concept for the volumetric CLT modules was developed with Stora Enso who also produced the elements. The town plan for the site was developed in close collaboration with the City of Jyväskylä. 

The Resident Act of the Year award is given out by the Association of Tenants and Homeowners in Finland. It is given out annually to a person or a project in recognition for an act that promotes solutions for better living.

This year the award ceremony was held in Ruissalo, Turku on November 14, 2015 at 15.00 in conjunction with the annual national seminar organized by the Association of Tenants and Homeowners in Finland on topical issues concerning living and housing. 

 Read more on Puukuokka here 

 Find the press release by the Association of Tenants and Homeowners in Finnish here