OOPEAA’s church designs featured in Designing Sacred Spaces by Sherin Wing

posted on October 28th 2015 in News

Sherin Wing’s new book Designing Sacred Spaces is now released on Amazon, find the book in here

 OOPEAA is featured as one of seven architecture offices whose designs for sacred spaces are presented in the book. The Kärsämäki Shingle Church, Klaukkala Church and the Kuokkala Church are among the 20 buildings showcased in Designing Sacred Spaces. The book covers buildings providing spaces for religious practice from churches, mosques, synagogues and temples, monasteries and retreats located in Europe, Asia and North America. Complementing the richly illustrated case studies the book contains essays on the cultural, historical and theoretical meaning and importance of sacred spaces.

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Ulkometsä Kindergarten in Kokkola completed

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At the beginning of 2014 OOPEAA, with PEAB Ltd, won a competition organized by the Municipality of Kokkola for a new kindergarten. The construction started in June 2014 and this autumn, the building is put into use.

Located in a suburban residential area, the building is organized on the lot in an L-shape, around the yard, located towards south to get the best insulation. The layout separates the yard from the street on the north side of the site and from the parking, protecting the playground in a gentle way.

The building fits the scale of the neighborhood but marks its presence with its sculptural roof system and its clean use of façade materials. On the outer façade, white brickwork blends with the prevailing colours of the existing buildings.The outer façade is playful, the square windows on the brick walls are placed irregularly on different heights to enable views for children of different ages. The yard façade is instead cladded with thin larch splints that will age in time turning grey and the openings on the courtyard side are big, full height windows, letting in the natural light and creating visual connection between indoor and outdoor spaces.


The accesses to the building are marked with strong, bright colours, identifying different functional units. The units are characterized by the same colours also inside the kindergarten, creating a seamless dialogue between the outside spaces and the interiors.

The main unit, emphasized by large openings painted in light green, is for public access. Through the yard, access is given to the educational units, each consisting of two class-groups. These are marked respectively by entrances carved in the building mass, cladded in spruce planks painted in yellow, magenta and blue. This color coding of educational units makes the building easy to orientate for small children.

The bearing structure is wooden, realized with a balloon frame system.




The colorful and playful feeling of the building is continued in the interior spaces. The interiors are characterized by an active corridor area, where “holes” in the walls host diverse and attractive functions. Mirrors, seats, bookshelves, boxes transform a traditional connective space in a new learning experience. The light paneled walls and neutral floors create a calm and soft background for the splashes of colour.

The main hall is characterized with a high lantern, flooding the space with natural light. A similar, but smaller lantern is located on top of one of the entrance halls.






Puukuokka nominated for Puupalkinto 2015

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OOPEAA is happy to announce that Puukuokka Housing Block has been nominated for Wood Award / Puupalkinto 2015. Puupalkinto is given to a building, a decoration or a structure that represents the high-quality Finnish wood architecture or where wood has been used in an innovative way.The award is organized by Woodinfo / Puuinfo since 1994.

You can find all the nominees and vote for your favourite here.

The award will be announced on Wood Day / Puupäivä 26 th of November in Helsinki.


Puukuokka by OOPEAA awarded Finlandia Prize for Architecture 2015

posted on September 23rd 2015 in News

We are proud to announce that the Puukuokka Housing Block designed by OOPEAA has been selected winner of the Finlandia Prize for Architecture 2015.

This year composer Kaija Saariaho has acted as the judge to select the winner from among five finalists. She describes her decision in the following words: “I chose Puukuokka as the winner because it demonstrates values that I appreciate in life as well as in architecture: it is a courageous and ambitious work that brings together an exploration of new possibilities for building and construction, a humane sensibility, and a quest for ecological solutions as well as a strive towards better quality of life.”

Saariaho deems all of the five shortlisted buildings interesting, beautiful and elegant, and notes that they are each a result of carefully researched solutions. Therefore, her decision for the selection of the winner was made based on a comprehensive judgement of the overall qualities of the work: “I chose a building that intuitively appeals to me and reflects the values I appreciate in life and the goals I have set for myself in my work. The chance to visit the home of a resident and to hear her share her thoughts and experience about how comfortable the apartment is to live in, and about the superior qualities of the sound isolation in the wooden building, further convinced me. I could sense the intimate warmth of the building right upon entering. The views into the surrounding landscape that open up in different directions in the spacious hallway are impressive. Puukuokka is a building that I felt most comfortable in with all my senses.” 

ma_14_PuukuokkaS_Hires_11 copy_web

Completed in November 2014, Puukuokka is the first eight-storey high wooden apartment building in Finland. It explores the potential of modular prefabricated CLT construction to meet the goal of providing high quality, environmentally responsible and affordable housing. Commissioned and built by Lakea, it is an energy-efficient trio of multi-story wood-framed flats in the Jyväskylä suburb of Kuokkala. Puukuokka is composed of prefabricated volumetric modules made of cross-laminated timber (CLT) provided by Stora Enso, who is also responsible for the structural engineering of the CLT modules. JVR Rakenne has served as the prime contractor. The town plan created in collaboration with the City of Jyväskylä has been tailored to meet the needs of the building complex. It has made it possible to count only part of the shared spaces as included in the permitted building volume.


The Finlandia Prize for Architecture

The Finlandia Prize for Architecture was established in 2011 by SAFA, the Finnish Association of Architects. The Finlandia Prize for Architecture is awarded to a design or renovation design for an outstanding new building or building complex that has been completed within the past three years. The Prize promotes the appreciation of high-quality architecture and aims to highlight the importance of architecture in producing cultural value and increasing well-being. The Finnish Association of Architects, SAFA, made the decision to establish the Finlandia Prize for Architecture on December 12, 2011.

The five shortlisted projects in 2015 are the Puukuokka Housing Block by OOPEAA; the Kangasala Arts Centre by Heikkinen-Komonen Architects; the OP Financial Group Headquarters by JKMM Architects; the Merenkulkijanranta residential block by NRT Architects; and Opinmäki School by Arkkitehtitoimisto Esa Ruskeepää Oy.

The list was drawn up by a jury chaired by Finnish Architectural Review editor-in-chief Jorma Mukala, and including Museum of Finnish Architecture director Juulia Kauste, architect Eero Lundén and Pirjo Sanaksenaho, director of The Research Institute for Health Care Facilities, SOTERA operating within the Department of Architecture at Aalto University.

Other works by Anssi Lassila / OOPEAA include, for example, the Kärsämäki Shingle Church, the Kuokkala Church and the House Riihi. The Suvela Chapel and Community Center in Espoo is currently under construction and a public sauna on the Island of Lonna in Helsinki and the Konsthall Tornedalen in Sweden are now in the design phase. 

Download portfolio of Puukuokka in English here
Lataa Puukuokan portfolio täältä


Lakeside Periscope Tower / SD Review 2015

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OOPEAA’s Periscope Tower is one of the winners of the Japanese award SD Review 2015.
The Periscope Tower project will be exhibited together with the other winners in Tokyo and Kyoto.


The design for a new viewing tower, the Periscope Tower, to be built on the Lake Kyrkösjärvi in Seinäjoki, Finland has recently been completed. The tower is part of a larger landscape design project for reshaping the lake shore, developed by OOPEAA for the Seinäjoki Housing Fair 2016.

Made entirely of wood, the structure is composed of an inner core of CLT and an external wooden frame which serves as load bearing structure. The wooden frame enfolds around the core and creates space for a staircase to climb up to the top and enjoy the view over the lake.
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Puukuokka for Finlandia Prize

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OOPEAA is glad to announce that Puukuokka Housing Block is shortlisted for the Finlandia Prize for Architecture 2015.


The Finlandia Prize for Architecture was established in 2011 by SAFA, the Finnish Association of Architects. The Finlandia Prize for Architecture is awarded to a design or renovation design for an outstanding new building or building complex that has been completed within the past three years. The Prize promotes the appreciation of high-quality architecture and aims to highlight the importance of architecture in producing cultural value and increasing well-being.

This year, Finlandia Prize for Architecture winner will be selected by composer Kaija Saariaho.

For more information, visit the website here: http://www.arkkitehtuurinfinlandia.fi/en/home/


Do! Alvar Aalto Symposium 2015

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You´re all welcome to take part in the next Alvar Aalto Symposium 2015, which will take place in Jyväskylä, 7.-9. August, 2015.

Alvar Aalto Symposium is an international forum for discussion on contemporary architecture. It is a triennial event that brings professionals from around the world together to engage in current topics in architecture.
The symposium’s theme challenges the speakers and participants to examine architecture from the perspective of doing. The aim is to shed light on how architects envision what they do and how the process is shaped by the approach that they take to their work. The process of creating architcture will be explored through four different perspectives: DIGITAL, LOCAL, MATERIAL and SOCIAL.
Anssi Lassila, director and founder of OOPEAA Office for Peripheral Architecture, is the Chair of the Alvar Aalto Symposium this year. Through the selected theme and invited speakers, Lassila opens a discussion about the terms of making architecture.
Amongst the speakers and moderators you will meet internationally renowned architects and practitioners from different parts of the world, such as Greg Lynn (Greg Lynn FORM, California-USA), David Basulto (ArchDaily, Chile), Henriette Vamberg (Gehl Architects, Danemark), Rahul Mehotra (RMA Architects, India), Liu Xiaodu (Urbanus, China), Raul Pantaleo (Tamassociati, Italy), Carin Smuts (Carin Smuts Architects, South Africa) and many more.

The event is organized by the Alvar Aalto Foundation in partnership with the Museum of Finnish Architecture – Helsinki, ArchInfo – Architecture Information Centre Finland, the Alvar Aalto Museum – Jyväskylä and the City of Jyväskylä.

For more information, visit the website: http://alvaraaltosymposium.fi/

To view the complete program, click here.

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Re-Creation in Helsinki

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June 11 – September 13, 2015

This summer Helsinki’s Esplanade Park will play host to Re-Creation. The Resilience of Architecture, an installation by Anssi Lassila and his OOPEAA Office for Peripheral Architecture which debuted at the Shenzhen bi-city Biennale for Urbanism and Architecture and was shown at the Venice Biennale of Architecture in 2014. A varied programme of architecture-related events will be organized around the installation all through summer.

The installation opening will take place on the Esplanadi Park in Helsinki, on June 10, at 18:00. Welcome!

Visit the website of MFA for the official press release in Finnish and in English.

More info about Re-Creation in Helsinki on recreation.fi.


Avajaiset Esplanadin puistossa Helsingissä keskiviikkona 10.6. kello 18.00

Venetsian arkkitehtuuribiennaalissa 2014 nähty ja Shenzhenin urbanismin ja arkkitehtuurin biennaaliin 2013 valmistunut installaatio Re-Creation. The Resilience of Architecture (Anssi Lassila / OOPEAA Office for Peripheral Architecture) on esillä Esplanadin puistossa Helsingissä 11.6.–13.9.2015.

Näyttelyn yhteydessä järjestetään monipuolista arkkitehtuuriohjelmaa koko kesän ajan. Arkkitehtuuria Espan kesässä -tapahtumapiste kutsuu lapset ja aikuiset katsomaan kaupunkia uusin silmin.
Seuraa ohjelmaa: recreation.fi


Photo: Juho Haavisto & MFA


Forum Perspective 2015 / Milan

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Milan, Italy is the location of Forum Perspective 2015 by The Plan on May 18-20, and OOPEAA is part of it.
Started in 2010 under the curatorial organization of the Plan Magazine, the Forum is an annual event for networking and inspiration bringing together a wide range of practitioners, producers and investors involved in architecture, engineering and the building sector.

In occasion of the Forum, The Plan will announce the winners of the The Plan Awards 2015.
Anssi Lassila will be there to present recent works by OOPEAA in a keynote lecture amongst some of the most interesting contemporary architects. The lecture will offer an overview of some of our most recent and upcomng projects with a special focus on the use of wood as an architectural material.
Additionally, the Puukuokka Housing Block will be presented to the audience of the Forum as a shortlisted project in the category of Housing forThe Plan Award 2015. Puukuokka is a unique multi-story wooden housing block.

OOPEAA at Forum Perspective 2015 taking place at the MiCo / Milano Congressi – Milano
For more information about the event and for registration, click here.
To see the detailed program, click here.


Venice Art Biennale 2015 / Finnish Pavilion

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The 56th La Biennale di Venezia 2015 opens its doors to the public on 9th May. OOPEAA has created the exhibition design for the presentation of the exhibition “Hours, Years, Aeons” by the artist duo IC-98 in the Alvar Aalto Pavilion of Finland at the 56th International Art Exhibition.
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